Element E50 Fire Extinguisher - 40050
FEATURES 50 SECOND DISCHARGEMore than 4x longer than a 5lb fire extinguisher bottle COMPACT & EASY TO USE30cm (11.75") tall, 3.2cm (1.2") diameter, 230 grams (0.6lbs) weightPortable & fits almost everywhere.Large images on unit guide easy 4-step activation process: MAKES NO...
$139.17 $124.95
Element Quick Fist Heavy Duty Mount - 60150
  For installations in extreme environments, the heavy duty Quick Fist mount is your best choice. Made in the USA of high quality rubber, the durable construction of this mount offers a secure way to mount your Element E50 &...
Element Additional Mounting Clip - 60100
Additional mounting clip for E50 & E100 models. Note: Each E50 & E100 extinguisher is shipped with ONE clip in the package. Some customers wish to have the possibility to purchase additional clips for custom installs, secondary location mounting, and...
Element Magnetic Mount - 60500
Element's magnetic mount is the perfect way to mount an E50 & E100 extinguisher to any metal surface. Bright silver plated finish beautifully compliments any surrounding. FEATURES Strong magnet securely mounts to any metallic surface Perfect for mounting to tool...
Element E100 Fire Extinguisher - 40100
Element's industrial-sized model. Offering 100 seconds of fire fighting protection, E100 is recommended for industrial use. FEATURES 100 SECOND DISCHARGEAlmost 10x longer than a 5lb fire extinguisher bottle COMPACT & EASY TO USE33cm (13") tall, 3.2cm (1.2") body diameter / 4cm...
$188.07 $164.95
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