ARB Digital Tire Inflator - ARB601
Inflate, deflate & measure 600mm dual swivel PVC coated braided hose Accuracy to +/-1psi @ 25-75psi Up to 200hrs runtime on set of batteries Easy to read blue backlight display
ARB Air Hose Coupling Dust Cap - 0740113
ARB hose coupling dust caps will help keep dirt, dust, and other debris out of your hose couplings. Made from durable materials, these dust caps are an easy addition to install on each of your fitting ends, and they are...
ARB Air Locker Manifold Kit
Designed to work seamlessly with ARB’s maximum performance on-board compressors, the Air Locker® Manifold Kit enables easy installation of Air Locker® solenoids to an air source such as a compressor or regular gas bottle. With a working pressure of 150Psi...
ARB Compressor Blow Gun
ARB Compression Blow Gun Features: Compressed air blow gun Male industrial fitting Can be used with ARB compressor Clean and dry assortment of tools and items  Provide the Power of Compressed AirKeep your Jeep clear of dirt and debris with...
ARB Aluminium Air Tank - 171601
Ideal for use with ARB’s maximum performance and high output on-board compressors and rated to a maximum working pressure of 150Psi (1030kPa), the 1 gallon aluminum air tank delivers high volume air output suitable for rapid tire inflation and running most...
ARB Air Compressor Wire Harness Extension - 180429
Featuring nine pre-terminated and individually color-coded wires, conveniently housed in one harness for fast and straightforward through the firewall ARB LINX wiring installation. The harness will dramatically reduce your preparation and installation time. Air Compressor Wire Harness Extension Linx IO...
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