Factor 55 Fast Fid
$89.99 $82.99
Factor 55 Fast Fid
The Fast Fid is a rope splicing tool designed for rapid repairing/splicing of synthetic winch lines. The compact 2 piece design includes a unique wire grip for holding the end of winch ropes. No tape or other tools required. Trail...
$89.99 $82.99
Freedom Recovery Gear Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR)
TuggE.R.R.™ Line (Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope) Jerk-It™ line is a custom spliced double braid manufactured in Canada from 100% nylon yarn. Freedom Recovery Gear K.E.R.R. Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope is an excellent complement to any recovery gear kit, Available in a variety of...
ARB Tree Trunk Protector
When using a tree as an anchor point in a recovery situation, wrapping cable, rope or chain around it causes damage to both your equipment and the tree. This means next time you may not have a viable anchor point...
ARB Snatch Strap
Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, an ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilized 4×4 when a second vehicle is present. The unique design of the strap allows it to...
Factor 55 Tree Saver Strap
Factor 55 finally releases a low energy storing Tree Saver Strap.  These straps are not constructed like typical recovery/snatch straps.  The Tree Saver Strap is not designed to store energy from stretch.  They are designed to serve as a versatile link...
$139.99 $129.99
Warn Removable Rope Sleeve -100330
Product Description When winching in abrasive environments, the Rope Abrasion Sleeve can help protect your rope from trail hazards that can damage rope. This can extend the life of your synthetic rope and keeps you on the trail. Features &...
Freedom Recovery Gear 1/2" Winch Line Extender
WINCH LINE EXTENDER Freedom Recovery Gear 1/2" Winch Line Extenders with a MBS of 30,000 Lbs are an excellent complement to any recovery gear kit, Available in a variety of standard lengths of 10’, 25’ and 50’ to allow for...
Factor 55 Strap Wraps
The perfect way to store your miscellaneous straps, ropes, and gear. The Factor 55 Strap Wraps feature hook and loop closure and a heavy duty powder coated steel ring to secure gear in various sizes. Secondary loop section on outer...
Arb Strap Wrap
Manufactured from 2 inch wide polyester webbing, the ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unravelled while being carried or when in storage.
MAXTRAX Static Rope
The MAXTRAX STATIC ROPE is designed, as its name suggests, to be the static element during a vehicle recovery.  The MAXTRAX STATIC ROPE can be used as a load sharing Bridle, Tree Trunk Protector or as an extension strap.
Freedom Recovery Gear 3/8" Winch Line for Internal Brake Winch
Freedom Optimized Winch Rope 3/8 x 65’ for internal braked winches. Freedom Recovery Gear Ltd.  3/8” Optimized Winch Rope  with MBS of 17,000 lbs is made from A combination of 2 high strength synthetic Ropes, Dyneema® SK-78  and Vectro-12. These 2 ropes have very...
Freedom Recovery Gear Tree Strap
Freedom Recovery Gear Recovery Straps and Tree Savers are proudly manufactured in Canada from Canadian webbing.   Manufactured and rated by a company that specializes in making straps for the rigging industry, and not he recreation off-road market, you know...
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