STEDI 8.5" Type-X Series Replacement Cover

Now with a range of custom colours and styles, you can make your set of Type X Spot lights your own. Standard clear or black replacements available as well as the all-time favorite smiley and range of tinted filter covers.
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Will suit any Type-X with both options for our 8.5 inch. Note: these are not compatible with other lights outside of our Type-X Series. 

Keep your rig road-legal while creating your unique look with Stedi optional replacement driving light covers!


YELLOW: Excellent for off-road & beach driving, helps in cutting through dust and haze. Coloured filters also reduce the intensity of the light, which is advantages in dense scrub.

BLUE: Helps to reduce glare. Also useful for marine application to reduce glare from the water. Useful when driving in snow.

GREEN: Greenlight offers a better definition of outlines. The human eye is most sensitive to green light, it's the brightest of all the colours but this also makes it easier for others to see you. Green is invisible to wild animals. Greenlight also does not attract insects like white or yellow light does.

WICKED SMILE: Significantly increases street credibility. Available for 7" and 8.5" TYPE-X, Type-X Sport and Type-X PRO.

FLOOD COVER: Compatible with Type-X, Type-X Sport and Type-X PRO. 

BLOOD SPLATTER: Compatible with Type-X, Type-X Sport and Type-X PRO.

CARBON: Compatible with Type-X, Type-X Sport and Type-X PRO.

The price quoted is for 1 x cover.

SIZE 8.5 Inch Diameter
Individual STEDI TYPE X LED Driving Light Cover
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