Bullet Proof Fabricating Bed Stiffeners for 2005-2023 Tacoma

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BPF's Toyota Tacoma Bed Stiffeners gives your truck the added reinforcement it desperately needs. From daily use, to camping, off-roading, or just working the 9-5, this product prevents your bed from flexing and keeps everything in place. The unsupported Toyota Tacoma bed is susceptible to flexing out quite easily which can cause bed fractures/cracks, damage the tailgate alignment. Adding bed stiffeners to your ride not only prevents damage but offers extra tie down points for straps. Adding bed racks and roof top tents pushes the sides of the truck apart. These help keep them in there proper position and perfects them from bending apart. 

  • 3/16s Steel.
  • Powder coated Black.
  • Magpul styling tie down points.
  • All needed yellow zinc hardware included.


Holes will need to be drilled for install. 

Bullet Proof Fabricating Bed Stiffeners for 2005-2023 Tacoma
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