Freedom Recovery Gear Double Line Pull Winch Recovery Kit - 10K

All the components you need to fully utilize you winch in a Double Line Pull.
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Freedom Recovery Gear is proud to release recovery kits. These kits are designed to take the guesswork out of what you need, and offer additional savings over individually priced items. They feature our Canadian Made Products such as Recovery Straps or Recovery Ropes, Made In Canada Synthetic Winch Ropes and extenders, and our Canadian Premium Soft Shackles..

Double Line Winch Pull Recovery Gear Kits

All ropes, extensions, and soft shackles are made in Canada. 

For Use with Up to 10,000 Lb Winch (part # FRG-RK-DLP-10K)

  • 1-Tuff-X Winch Line Extender 3/8” X 80’ MBS 17,000 lb
  • 2- 3/4” screw pin bow shackles, Van Beest WLL 4.75t.  6:1 design factor
  • 2- 7/16” x 10” Tuff X™ Soft Shackles MBS 45,000 lb
  • 1-Tree Saver 3” x 8’ MBS 24,000 lbs
  • 1-7/16 x 10’ Tuff X™ bridle extensions with Double soft Eyes MBS 20,000 lb
  • 1-Warn Epic Snatch Block WLL 12T compatible with hard or soft shackles
  • 1-Medium Size PVC fabric gear storage bag

This comprehensive kit includes all the components to fully utilize your winch in a Double Line Pull. 

Why do you want to use a double-line winch pull? It’s really simple when you double the line with a pulley block (also called a snatch block), u double the pulling capacity of your winch. It helps to remove the extra rope from the drum getting you down to the base wrap of your winch, putting you in the power zone of your winch. By doing this also reduces the strain on the electrical components of the vehicle and the winch.

All of our premium quality ropes, extensions, and soft shackles are proudly made in Canada. Our  Screw pin bow shackles from CM shackles are made in the US. 


Manufactured in Canada from USA sourced HMPE fiber.


 Manufactured in Canada from European sourced UHMWPE Dyneema® SK-78 fiber.


Please Note: The colors of ropes and soft shackles may vary from the photos.

                                    Specifications Subject to Change.


  • Avoid abrasive surfaces and any sharp edges.
  • Make Sure your Attachment point is capable of holding the load you will place on it.
  • Always Visually Inspect your rope and spliced eyes before use and during attachment to each vehicle.
  • Use shackles of an appropriate strength for the rope and consider switching to soft shackles ( Low Mass ) for increased safety.
  • Test before use. Try light pulls to test attachment before pulling at maximum force.
  • Crawl (tractions extraction), walk (2-3 mph), Run 4-5mph)  with no more than 6’ of slack
  • Keep spectators out of the tow zone 1 ½ time farther than the strap can reach.
  • do not tie a knot, A knot can reduce a rope’s strength by as much as half.*
Freedom Recovery Gear Double Line Pull Winch Recovery Kit - 10K
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