Nitro Gear & Axle 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma with 8" Rear, Automatic w/out E-Locker Nitro Gear Package

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2016+ Toyota Tacoma Automatic-without OEM E-Locker

Nitro Front & Rear Gear Package Kit

*Does not fit trucks with Manual trans or Rear OEM Diff lock.

*Does not fit TRD Offroad or TRD Pro. You need: GPTACO2016-8.75

Additional options:

The 8" rear differential found in 3rd gen Tacoma has been known to be quite weak. We recommend at minimum upgrading to the Nitro Helical Gear LSD unit as a strength and traction upgrade: TORS-TV6-30

ARB options:

Front Locker:

ARBRD111 or Eaton EAT14221-1

Rear Options:

ARBRD132 or Eaton EATON 14211-1

Recommended: 6 quarts of Nitro Synthetic Plus Gear Lube

Tech Note:

Includes Rear Carrier bearings for Aftermarket LSD, Locker, etc. If running factory carrier, you will need 2x TOY90366-T0010

Must re-use factory rear carrier bearings.

Fits with 8" Rear.Fits factory OEM carrier or ARB RD111.

Nitro Gear Package for 16+ Toyota Tacoma is one of Nitro's biggest sellers because these trucks need regeared. The Tacoma has a very tall overdrive in 5th AND 6th gear to turn low RPMS. The new 3.5l V6 makes plenty of horsepower, but needs to reach it's power band. Even with stock tires we have found the 6th gear is nearly useless, the gearing is so high that the transmission is constantly shifting. In a STOCK Tacoma Automatic 6th gear puts you at ~1500 RPM @ 60MPH. This simply does not work. You may not realize it, but you probably are hardly ever in 6th gear unless you are almost going downhill. By regearing you can bring the motor back to the RPM it needs to be. This will improve Economy, Performance, and shifting. This is one of the most important modifications you can make to your late model Tacoma whether on a stock truck, or especially when running oversized tire. This is the only way to properly compensate for inadequate factory gearing and the increase in tire diameter. We often hear people are worried they will turn high rpm's if they regear. This is simply not the case. Remember, the Auto trans has a double overdrive. See the below examples: Example Stock 2019 Tacoma TRD Offroad w/ Auto Trans:

3.91 & Stock Tire, ~1500 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~1750 RPM @ 70 MPH (NOT ENOUGH RPM!)

4.88 & Stock Tire, ~1950RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2200 RPM @ 70 MPH

33" 4.88, ~1750 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2000 RPM @ 70 MPH)

33" 5.29, ~1900 RPM @ 60 MPH, ~2250 RPM @ 70 MPH)

*Manual trans RPM figures will be higher.

RPM Figures are similar for Overseas Hilux Revo. And yes, even if you have a diesel, you will still benefit from the gearing. 4.88 is ideal for 33-35" on Turbo Diesel models. We have actually toured 1000's of miles of the Australia in a Diesel Hilux with 35" and 4.88, and it performed flawlessly.


Stock-33" 4.88 Most Popular

33"+ 5.29 Most Popular


32-34" 4.88 Most Popular

34"+ 5.29 Most Popular

Gear Packages for 2016+ Toyota Tacoma 4x4:

Click here for Models w/ 8.75 Rear (TRD Offroad, TRD Pro, and all Manual Trans)

Click here for Models w/ 8" Rear (Automatic TRD Sport, Sr5, LTD)


Labor charge for a regear is generally about 12 hours*. We also recommend Nitro Gear lube. We do offer professional installation in our Cashmere, WA Facility and generally need the truck for 1-2 days.

*Figures are for 4x4, 2wd only need 1 end done, so cost is much less

We at Nitro Gear & Axle realize the difficulty for the average consumer or install shop to compile the list of parts and prices required when doing a gear change. To make it easier for everyone the experts at Nitro are introducing an industry first- "Gear Packages" for many popular 4x4 Fits. One part number. One price. One click away.


Nitro Rings & Pinions:

  • 8620 Steel Gear Forgings
  • Precision Machining
  • CNC Triple-lapping
  • Heat Treatment
  • Rockwell Hardness Tested

Nitro Master Install Kits:

  • Koyo


Front Differential: Toyota 8" Reverse, Clamshell

Rear Differential: Toyota 8"

Gear Ratios: 4.30, 4.56, 4.88, 5.29

Manufacturer: Nitro Gear & Axle

Warranty: 2 Years


2016 & Newer Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR, SR5, TRD Sport, Limited

Nitro Gear & Axle 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma with 8" Rear, Automatic w/out E-Locker Nitro Gear Package
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