STEDI ST3303 PRO 23.3" 32 LED Double Row Ultra High Output LED Bar

Unquestionably, ST3303 PRO sits at the pinnacle of the STEDI offering. A pure expression of capability and design that converges with brutal performance, making the all-new ST3303 PRO unmistakably STEDI.
Introducing the all-new ST3303 PRO 32 LED
  • CREE® XLamp XP-L HI undomed LEDs using CREE’s breakthrough SC5 Technology™
  • RFI and EMI suppression circuit. Guaranteed to not interfere with Radio or GPS Equipment
  • IP68 - Submersible to 3m 
  • High Current Deutsch DTP-2 25A connectors
  • 32mm diameter parabolic reflectors 
  • Spread and Spot beam pattern
  • 4mm thick 304 stainless steel side brackets included.
  • Cast Alloy adjustable sliding bracket included.
  • Nitto Denko™ Breather with PTFE microporous membrane
  • Very heavy-duty Smart Plug & Play ADR compliant Wiring Harness. (Switch, Fuse, Relay and HB3 and H4 Piggyback Adaptors) included


  • ST3303 PRO 32 LED Light Bar
  • Easy Fit High Beam Wiring Harness with H4 & HB3 adapters to High Beam 
  • 2 x Lower Mountings Brackets with Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • 2 x 4mm thick Stainless Steel Brackets
  • 2 x Orange End Caps
  • 2 x Grey End Caps
STEDI ST3303 PRO 23.3" 32 LED Double Row Ultra High Output LED Bar
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