STEDI Type-X Sport 7" LED Driving Lights

Our most affordable driving light yet. Our very existence as a brand is to offer high-performance, high-quality driving lights at accessible prices.


We welcome the all-new 7" Type-X Sport – Our most affordable driving light yet. Our very existence as a brand is to offer high-performance, high-quality driving lights at accessible prices. Compare build quality, performance and list of inclusion with other offerings on the market and you will conclude that our Type-X Sport is peerless. (Registered Design Number 201914860 & Registered Trademark).


Some people call it the little things; for us, it is literally everything. We obsessed over even the most trivial geometries and design elements to achieve a visually stunning luminaire. The 4mm 304 Stainless steel bracket features our signature shoulder armor with laser-cut STEDI branding. A carefully considered orange rim surrounding the housing offers just the right amount of visual impact while ensuring that the overall look and feel plays nice equally on a Bikini Blue Jeep JL as it will on Magnetic Grey Tacoma.


The internet is littered with mediocre lights. 98% of driving lights offered in the marketplace are off the shelf imports with the reseller’s laser logo and subsequent price mark-up. Don’t even get us started on the fictitious performance claims. When you enter the world of STEDI, you’re buying into a product which is mechanically and optically engineered with our know-how and our tooling, with our reputation and warranty standing right behind it. Our lights won’t fade, turn yellow and fall-off at the first sign of corrugations. Our photometric data is lab tested, not photoshopped – We stand by it. 


  • 4mm thick 304 Series Stainless Mounting bracket, which includes rubber dampener and an additional 3mm upper plate.
  • A360.0 Cast Housing | Boasting superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • 3mm Thick GE Lexan Lens with hard coating | Virtually unbreakable & scratch resistant 
  • 100% Polyester UV and abrasion resistant powder coat
  • IP68 | Dust & Particle tight + Water-proof up to 3 meters
  • Nitto Denko Pressure Equalization vent with membrane | Protects against water ingress, dust & contaminants.
  • Environmentally Sealed Deutsch® DT-2 connector
  • EMI & RFI Suppression circuitry – We guarantee it.
  • Each 7" TYPE-X Sport comprises 32 of OSRAM’s® finest OSLON® LED, selected for its high luminous flux and perfectly matches optical properties. 
  • 4 wide-beam reflectors built-in, which form a lateral shaped flood pattern designed to minimize valuable light wasted up to the sky. 
  • 5700K CCT offers stunning clarity and definition with excellent Colour Rendering Index (CRI)


  • 2 x STEDI 7" TYPE-X Sport 
  • 2 x STEDI Black Out Covers 
  • 1 x Easy Fit High Beam Wiring with DT-2 Sealed Connectors, H4, HB3 Adapter plugs to high beam. 60A Relay, Fuse, Switch
  • 3 Series Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts 
  • Rubber Shock Dampener
  • Wiring Instructions 
STEDI Type-X Sport 7" LED Driving Lights
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