ARB LINX Wiring Harness - SJBLINX
LINX is a unique modern controller that declutters the dashboard and centralizes the command of vehicle accessories by replacing classic switches, gauges and monitors with one sleek and smart driver interface. Built on an expandable platform, LINX will continue to...
ARB Air Compressor Wire Harness Extension - 180429
Featuring nine pre-terminated and individually color-coded wires, conveniently housed in one harness for fast and straightforward through the firewall ARB LINX wiring installation. The harness will dramatically reduce your preparation and installation time. ; Features & Benefits 16ft Wire Harness...
ARB LINX Pressure Control Kit - 7450107
Offering set & forget' simplicity to tire inflation, the optional LINX Pressure Control Kit (coupled with an ARB Air Compressor) allows you to take full advantage of LINX's Pressure Control Module. Perfect for the easy and accurate adjustment of tire...
ARB LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface - LX100
Fitting out a modern 4×4 with a range of accessories such as driving lights, Air Lockers®, dual batteries and air compressors can quickly lead to a dash full of out of place, hard to reach switches and a myriad of...
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