Freedom Recovery Gear EZ-Deflate Screw On Tire Deflation Valves
Freedom Screw-on EZ-Deflate Valves  Once there adjusted to your desired Pressure, Screw them onto the valve stems and walk away.  Features: Engineered to high standards Brass construction Field adjustable with locking nut 6 - 30 PSI pressure range protective storage...
Freedom Recovery Gear Self-Contained EZ-Rapid Tire Deflation Tool with Gauge
Freedom Self-Contained EZ-Rapid Tire Deflation Tool with Gauge.  Unique, specially designed extra-long screw-on style chuck (1” of extra length) makes it easier to use and fit the tool onto Large Off-Road Wheels    Features: Extra Long Chuck 1 3/8” (Industry...
Colby Valve Emergency Tire Valve System - 2 Packs
Rubber tire valves fail – it’s simply a matter of time. When this happens, you’re stuck with swapping out a spare tire, or worse. Changing a tire valve requires access to the inside the wheel, which could mean a trip...
ARB Digital Tire Inflator - ARB601
Inflate, deflate & measure 600mm dual swivel PVC coated braided hose Accuracy to +/-1psi @ 25-75psi Up to 200hrs runtime on set of batteries Easy to read blue backlight display
ARB EZ Analogue Deflator Kit (Brass) - ARB505
The unique, patented design of the E-Z deflator allows for removal of the valve core for rapid tire deflation, while also providing accurate pressure reading via the simple movement of a sliding valve. Corrosion Resistant Brass/Stainless Deflator Tool. Quality Bronze...
Freedom Recovery Gear EZ-Rapid Tire Inflator with Gauge
 Freedom EZ-tire Inflator with Gauge No kneeling required—easy-to-use air inflator with gauge and relief valve, specially designed with an extra-long 3’ braided hose ( no kneeling once attached ) with heavy-duty chrome-plated brass clip-on chuck, and rotated gauge face for...
Stealth Custom Series - F5
The traditional 5-star wheel is reimagined with the SCS F5 model. Based on a classic form, but pivoted it around the no-center-cap concept to emphasize the off-road-ready appeal. Being hubcentric and incredibly lightweight at just over 18 pounds, the F5...
Stealth Custom Series F5 Decal
Get into the stealth mode with these weather-proof decals.  Full Spoke Decal Sold Individually
Stealth Custom Series Spline Extended Thread Lugs (Black)
Each set comes with 24 spline extended lugs made with heat-treated steel with Cathodic Black Chrome finish to go with your matching SCS wheels.
Freedom Recovery Gear Tire Pressure Gauge
Features: Push on style chuck for quick checking 60psi industry first “Glow-In-The-Dark” gauge face  neon orange indicator needle for better visibility  marked clearly in 1psi increments (single scale) chrome plated trim with brass and stainless-steel construction Reliable mechanical gauge, using...
Colby Valve Permanent Tre Valve System - 2 Pack
Rubber tire valves fail – it’s simply a matter of time. When this happens, you’re stuck with swapping out a spare tire, or worse. Changing a tire valve requires access to the inside the wheel, which could mean a trip...
Stealth Custom Series - RAY10
Most of us can agree that the “bullet hole” wheel design is synonymous with off-roading. To fine-tune this notion in the Ray10 model, they included a steep break in the beveled holes to project a concave impression and a thick...
MAXTRAX Indeflator
$299.99 $285.99
MAXTRAX Indeflator
No more fiddling with removing the valve stems from your tires and the chance of losing them in the sand. Or squatting, kneeling or bending for long periods while inflating or deflating your tires. Now, thanks to the new MAXTRAX INDEFLATE, the...
$299.99 $285.99
ARB EZ Digital Deflator - ARB510
Adding to the E-Z deflator, the ARB E-Z Deflator Digital Gauge makes tyre deflation even easier thanks to accuracy of up to +/-1psi @ 15-75psi, a large digital read out with blue backlight display as well as multiple pressure readouts...
Method Race Wheels - 703
The 703 Bead Grip® wheel was developed for off-road enthusiasts and designed to handle the toughest trails and your next overland adventure. An iconic 12 window design and dual debossed METHOD logos help set your ride apart from the rest. The Bead Grip® technology allows...
Colby Valve Ultimate tire Valve System - 2 Pack
A simple and essential addition to any 4×4, these universal Colby Valve Ultimate Valves help keep your truck, bike, trailer or RV on the road without a costly and time-consuming tire shop visit. Installs in minutes – no removing the...
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