REDARC 12V Portable Fridge Wiring Kit (10900027)
Easily wire your 12v camping fridge freezer with this ARB wiring kit. Want to wire your 12v fridge freezer to your truck? This 6M wiring kit allows flexible placement options or the ability to simply hard wire the fridge into...
ARB Fridge/Freezer App Connect Module - 10900041
The ARB Fridge App Connect Module allows you to monitor your ARB Fridge Freezer from your smart phone. It is compatible with both Android, iOS, and the ARB LINX system. The Connect Module transmits data over Bluetooth. You can check the temperature...
ARB Fridge Wiring Kit 6M w/ Threaded Socket
ARB stocks a wide range of 12 & 24 volt wiring accessories to suit the fridge freezer, allowing flexible placement options or simply to hard wire the fridge into the vehicle. These accessories will reduce possible voltage drop as they...
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