iKamper All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen System (AIOKS)
Aioks - All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen SystemThe Aioks [eye-ox] has everything you need for outdoor cooking, all in ONE box.   NOTE* The AIOKS is compatible with screw-on canisters (isobutane and propane blended), for example, MSR (as shown above).  Propane canisters can be used as well...
iKamper Bracket Locks
Secure Your iKamper Roof Top Tent! NOTE* Each mounting bracket locks are only compatible with the same version of the Mounting Brackets. (1.0 or 2.0) Secure your iKamper RTT to your vehicle with our new Mounting Bracket Locks.The set consists of...
Cascadia 4x4 IKamper Skycamp Mini VSS System - 70 Watt RTT Solar Panel
The Cascadia 4x4 VSS System™ hard-mounts to the roof of your iKamper Skycamp Mini and, during daylight hours, provides a constant flow of clean solar energy to your primary or secondary vehicle batteries. This gives you the ability to run 12V...
iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini
Key features of Skycamp 3.0 series ᆞ1-Minute Setup: no bags, straps, or extra latches. Park, and be ready to sleep ᆞVersatile: it can mount on anything from a Mini Cooper to a full-size truck ᆞBuilt to last: built with high-quality...
iKamper Skycamp 3.0
Improvements of Skycamp 3.0 series ᆞColor: iKamper’s new brand colors (Midnight Gray, Granite, and Deep Burgundy) ᆞLogo: The chrome logo has been replaced with the new stylish brushed metal one ᆞEasy-access locks: Lock up your tent with ease no matter...
iKamper HC Ladder
This is the updated (2.0) version of our standard ladder, which comes with all of our RTTs.  The 2.0 ladder features angled steps, making them safer and more comfortable when you climb up.  The ladder itself is 230 cm /...
iKamper AIOKS Accessories
AIOKS PROPANE ADAPTERS iKamper's Propane Adapter kit allows you to use propane gas canisters, such as ones by Coleman, to power your Aioks stove.  The kit includes two adapters, one for each stove. Each adapter screws onto the bottom of the...
iKamper HC Ladder Extension
The ladder extension connects to the bottom side of your ladder allowing you to mount your iKamper RTT on taller vehicles. This extension is 12" / 30 cm.
iKamper Wind Deflector
NOTE* The deflector attaches to rails on the bottom of all iKamper tents. Reduce wind resistance and save on gas by adding the Wind Deflector in front of your iKamper roof top tent.
iKamper Rain Canopy
NOTE* The Rain Canopy, Awning, and Annex all use the same zipper to the canopy so they cannot be used at the same time. Offering extra protection for very heavy wind and rain, the Rain Canopy is a secondary rain...
iKamper Mounting Bracket
NOTE* Each iKamper roof top tent comes equipped with mounting brackets. The brackets offered here are for customers needing to purchase an extra set. Faster installation, the new standard of mounting brackets.Self-assembly required. The brackets 2.0 are compatible with a...
iKamper Insulation Tent
NOTE* The color of the Skycamp Insulation Tent is GRAY (Newer version). The Inner Insulation Tent will add a cozy feeling to your RTT experience and will help keep you warmer by adding more insulation, blocking drafts of air, and...
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