iKamper Disco Series
Culinary Innovation Meets Age-Old TraditionThis unique modular cooking system is so much more than your average camp stove. Built to last, lightweight, portable, and powerful.Inspired by generations of farmers in the Southwestern United States that made improvised cook surfaces from...
iKamper Shoe Rack
Shoe RackKeep your shoes (and your tent) dry and mud-free with this convenient and easy-to-use hanging shoe rack. FEATURES Lightweight storage solution. Holds up to 6 pairs of shoes. Durable Polyester 600D fabric. Rain-proof cover. Foldable for easy storage. Conveniently hangs...
iKamper HC Steps
HC Steps is an accessory that makes a ladder like a staircase so that anyone can easily and safely climb up and down the iKamper rooftop tent. Take a safer and more comfortable step with HC Steps.
iKamper All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen System (AIOKS)
Aioks - All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen SystemThe Aioks [eye-ox] has everything you need for outdoor cooking, all in ONE box.   NOTE* The AIOKS is compatible with screw-on canisters (isobutane and propane blended), for example, MSR (as shown above).  Propane canisters can be used as well...
$685.00 $669.00
iKamper Mounting Bracket Lock
You asked, we listened. We designed and developed these bracket locks so you don’t have to take your iKamper on and off of your vehicle. You can go where you want—whether the Tetons or Target—without wondering if your iKamper will...
iKamper Annex Plus
NOTE* IMPORTANT: The Annex Plus differs according to which iKamper roof top tent you have. Please be sure to select the correct model. If you're looking for Annex for other roof top tent, check here. Product images are for reference purposes only...
iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini
Key features of Skycamp 3.0 series ᆞ1-Minute Setup: no bags, straps, or extra latches. Park, and be ready to sleep ᆞVersatile: it can mount on anything from a Mini Cooper to a full-size truck ᆞBuilt to last: built with high-quality...
iKamper HC Ladder
Designed (then redesigned) for safety and comfort, the HC Ladder adjusts to stand and be stable on any terrain.  We’ve added angled steps that make it easier (and a bit less awkward-looking) to climb, and this ladder comes standard with...
iKamper Zipper Adapter
The Zipper Adapter is an Accessory that helps install older versions of accessories (Awning or Annex) on Skycamp 3.0, Skycamp 3.0 Mini, and X-Cover 2.0 rooftop tents. Skycamp 1.0 and Skycamp 2.0 are compatible with all accessories without a Zipper Adapter.  Note*...
iKamper RTT Blanket DPL
Bring comfort anywhere with the RTT Blanket DPL! Our DPL (or Double PrimaLoft) blanket is a responsibly sourced blanket designed for two. Durable water-resistant fabric and the warmth of recycled PrimaLoft® Bio™ make the RTT Blanket DPL a must-have for...
iKamper RTT Blanket
Bring comfort anywhere with the RTT Blanket! Durable water-resistant fabric and the warmth of responsibly sourced down make the RTT Blanket a must-have for any occasion. Attach the RTT Blanket as an insert into the RTT Sleeper system and you'll...
iKamper RTT Sleeper DPL
From spring to fall the RTT Sleeper has got you covered with incredible warmth and comfort designed to perfectly fit your RTT. When the temperature dips a little lower be sure to add your RTT Blanket as an insert and...
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