SPC Performance Replacement Ball Joint Kit (25002)
25002 - SPC UPGRADED BALL JOINT KIT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upgrade worn ball joints on your SPC Performance Adjustable Upper Control Arms with these new joints. Designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Colorado, these completely revised, heavy-duty ball joints feature:• A new...
Dobinsons Front Coil Springs for FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Tacoma & GX460/470 (C59-314)
Vehicle Fitment Isuzu D-Max 2nd gen - 3.5" 110-175lb Load Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010-2017 - 2.5" - With 110-220LBS load Toyota 4Runner 4th Gen V6 - 2.5" - With 110-220LBS load Toyota 4Runner 4th Gen V8 - 2.5" Stock Load...
Dobinsons Front IFS Diff Drop Kit For Tacoma, 4Runner & FJ Cruiser (DD59-527K)
Dobinsons front differential drop kit for 2005-16 Toyota Tacoma and , 2003-2016 4Runner, 2007-15 FJ Cruiser, This is needed when lifting these IFS vehicles more than 2.0", as it rotates down the front side of the differential carrier to help...
Dobinsons Front Upper Control Arm Kit for FJ Cruiser, 4Runner & GX460/470 (UCA59-002K)
Complete kit for both left and right hand side, includes new ball joints (not assembled), OE style rubber frame bushings (installed), and washers Has 3 degrees of caster built in, no adjustability or settings required Made from HSLA (High Strength...
Dobinsons Front Lifted Coil Springs for Tacoma, 4Runner, GX460 and GX470 (C59-352)
Fully Designed, Manufactured, and Finished In Australia Ultra modern design technology, Fully Scragged & Load Tested State of the Art Heat Treatment, High Intensity Shot Peened Formed on Precision Mandrels, Precise End Configurations Durable Powder Coat Finish 730LB/IN Spring Rate...
Dobinsons Front Coil Springs for FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Tacoma & GX460/470 (C59-302)
Vehicle Fitment Isuzu D-Max 2nd gen - 3.5" 110lb Load - 3" 120-220lb Load Isuzu D-Max 3rd Gen - 1.5" Stock Load Toyota FJ Cruiser - 2.5" Up to 110lb Load Toyota 4Runner 4th Gen V6 - 2.5" Stock Load...
Terrain Tamer Front Wheel Bearing Kit (ABS) - FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, GX460/470
Terrain Tamer Wheel Bear Kit fitment guide: Front wheel bearing kit with ABS fits:  2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2005-2015 Tacoma, 2003-Current 4Runner, Lexus GX470/GX460 Each kit services one side of the wheel bearing. For both front bearings, please order 2...
$488.43 $399.00
Terrain Tamer Upper Control Arms - FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, GX460/470
Delivers maximum Shock Absorber extension Allows correct steering alignment Heavy Duty ball joint Suits 2 inch lift Fits: 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 2003-CURRENT 4RUNNER Lexus GX460/GX470
ARK Splash Guards For Lexus GX
Ark Splash Guards provide a full-coverage solution for all Stock and Suspension Lifted Vehicles (regardless of height).  Unlike the competition, Ark Splash Guards use a custom synthetic rubber blend, that is thicker and has a higher durometer for superior quality...
Dobinsons IMS Rear Shocks 0-2.5" Lift for FJ Cruiser & 2003-2019 4Runner (IMS59-50701)
Dobinsons IMS monotube shock absorbers are designed for next level performance over twin tube shocks in those hot, harsh, demanding conditions. By utilising the monotube design, Dobinsons IMS shock absorbers are able to resist fade far longer on corrugated roads,...
Dobinsons Rear MRR 3-Way Adjustable Shocks for 2010-2023 4Runner & 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser (Pair) (MRA59-A701)
Vehicle Fitment Toyota FJ Cruiser Toyota 4Runner 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen Toyota Prado 120 Toyota Prado 150 Toyota Fortuner 2005 on Lexus GX470 Lexus GX460 3-way Adjustable shocks provide maximum adjustability to provide the perfect ride quality for...
Dobinsons UCA Replacement Ball Joint (BJ59-001)
Single Ball Joint Included (UCA not included) Replacement ball joint for the following UCA's -UCA59-001K (200 Series & LX570) -UCA59-002K (Toyota FJ Cruiser, 4Runner 2003 to 2021 and Lexus GX470, GX460) -UCA59-006K (100 Series & LX470)
Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement System (Rear) - TORSEQ
This SES Suspension Upgrade fits the rear suspension of a Toyota Sequoia, Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser & 4Runner as well as a Lexus LX470 & GX460/470 (see below for full list of applications). Each laser cut piece of steel is...
Terrain Tamer Outer Tie Rod - FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, 4Runner & GX460/470 (45046-69245TT)
Tie Rod End For Toyota IFS front suspension Toyota Factory Part Number 45046-69245 Made in Japan Castellated Nuts Grease Nipples  Pre Tensioned Fits: 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2005-2015 Tacoma, 2003-Current 4Runner, Lexus GX470 Lexus GX460 Include one tie rod end for...
Terrain Tamer Link Rod Stabilizer Bar Rear
Link Rod Stabilizer Bar Rear for Toyota part number: 48830-60030 Fits: 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, 2003-Current 4Runner, Lexus GX470/GX460
Timbren Active Off Road Bumpstops for 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, GX460/470 LX470/570 & Land Cruiser (Front) - ABSTOF
Factory bumpstops just can’t handle hard slams from off-roading. Harsh bottoming out, bone-rattling bumps, and dangerous uncontrolled handling can ruin your off-roading or overlanding trip by destroying your suspension and shocks. But with Active Off-Road Bumpstops, you can hit the...
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