iKamper Shoe Rack
Shoe RackKeep your shoes (and your tent) dry and mud-free with this convenient and easy-to-use hanging shoe rack. FEATURES Lightweight storage solution. Holds up to 6 pairs of shoes. Durable Polyester 600D fabric. Rain-proof cover. Foldable for easy storage. Conveniently hangs...
iKamper HC Steps
HC Steps is an accessory that makes a ladder like a staircase so that anyone can easily and safely climb up and down the iKamper rooftop tent. Take a safer and more comfortable step with HC Steps.
iKamper Rain Canopy
Want to know no one’s idea of a good time? A downpour that soaks your tent and everything in it, including you. The vinyl Rain Canopy gives you a secondary rain fly that zips onto the main entrance. This extra...
ARB Rooftop Tent Ladder Extension
The ARB Rooftop Tent Ladder Extension is for fitting ARB Roof Top Tents to tall vehicles The rooftop tent ladder entension is compatible with ARB Simpson II, III & Kakadu roof top tents
iKamper HC Ladder
Designed (then redesigned) for safety and comfort, the HC Ladder adjusts to stand and be stable on any terrain.  We’ve added angled steps that make it easier (and a bit less awkward-looking) to climb, and this ladder comes standard with...
iKamper Storage Rack
Storage Rack Hang this storage unit off the side of the Skycamp and store your camping gear, toiletries or cooking utensils. When not in use it folds up easily and hardly takes up any room at all. FEATURES Great for...
iKamper Zipper Adapter
The Zipper Adapter is an Accessory that helps install older versions of accessories (Awning or Annex) on Skycamp 3.0, Skycamp 3.0 Mini, and X-Cover 2.0 rooftop tents. Skycamp 1.0 and Skycamp 2.0 are compatible with all accessories without a Zipper Adapter.  Note*...
iKamper Footprint
Complete your Annex Plus with a base layer to prevent condensation or heat loss on the cold ground. A footprint also helps reduce dirt and debris inside, no matter what terrain you may be camping on.
ARB Rooftop Tent Cover - 815100
Rooftop tent cover for Simpson III tent
ARB Shoe Pockets - 804402
ARB Simpson III Shoe Pockets x 2 
iKamper HC Ladder Extension
The ladder extension connects to the bottom side of your ladder allowing you to mount your iKamper RTT on taller vehicles. This extension is 12" / 30 cm.
iKamper Wind Deflector
NOTE* The deflector attaches to rails on the bottom of all iKamper tents. Reduce wind resistance and save on gas by adding the Wind Deflector in front of your iKamper roof top tent.
iKamper Insulation Tent
NOTE* The color of the Skycamp Insulation Tent is GRAY (Newer version). The Inner Insulation Tent will add a cozy feeling to your RTT experience and will help keep you warmer by adding more insulation, blocking drafts of air, and...
iKamper Canopy Poles
Canopy Poles These poles are for converting the doors of the Annex Room into canopies. Included 2 poles 2 stakes 2 ropes 2 rope stoppers
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