Stealth Custom Series - F5
The traditional 5-star wheel is reimagined with the SCS F5 model. Based on a classic form, but pivoted it around the no-center-cap concept to emphasize the off-road-ready appeal. Being hubcentric and incredibly lightweight at just over 18 pounds, the F5...
Stealth Custom Series F5 Decal
Get into the stealth mode with these weather-proof decals.  Full Spoke Decal Sold Individually
Stealth Custom Series Spline Extended Thread Lugs (Black)
Each set comes with 24 spline extended lugs made with heat-treated steel with Cathodic Black Chrome finish to go with your matching SCS wheels.
Stealth Custom Series - RAY10
Most of us can agree that the “bullet hole” wheel design is synonymous with off-roading. To fine-tune this notion in the Ray10 model, they included a steep break in the beveled holes to project a concave impression and a thick...
Stealth Custom Series - RS10
The RS10 wheel model was conceived to indulge the modern off-road enthusiast seeking the traditional bullet hole wheel concept with a novel twist. It features our unique SCS concave beveled hole design that flows seamlessly with the step lip, as...
Stealth Custom Series - K5
In designing their first-ever wheel for Jeep, they dove deep into its heroic past and all the details that make it timeless. SCS is introducing the K5 model, a daring design for the rough-and-ready Jeep Wrangler JK and JL. From...
Stealth Custom Series - SR8
The Stealth Runner 8 is SCS’s rendition of a modern day off-road alloy wheel design. They’ve incorporated a thick rim flange for added strength that edged over to the aggressive look and feel. With concave spokes, detailed step lip, and...
Stealth Custom Series - BR6
The Blade Runner 6 model transcends industry norms with flow form technology. Showcasing six concave chamfered spokes, the wheel model exudes an air of swiftness that belies the strength of the fabrication process. To heighten the sense of ruggedness, they...
Stealth Custom Series - STEALTH6
The Stealth 6 model is a reflection of SCS's belief in understated design. Working through multiple wheel models, adjusting millimeter by millimeter to arrive at the clean lines of the split 6-spoke design. The result of this calculated refinement is...
Stealth Custom Series - GEN5
The GEN5 is another classic wheel model in the making. With clean, hard-edge lines, it radiates off-road sophistication. Featuring a modern step lip and deep dish design, it hits the mark for a refined truck wheel. Similar to all SCS...
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