Rhino-Rack Spare Wheel Strap - RSWS
The unique design features two of the three straps can be incrementally adjusted so the stainless steel ring is always positioned in the centre of the wheel, offering maximum holding capacity. The tightening ratchet and ring are made from stainless...
Front Runner Spare Wheel Clamp (Low Profile)
An easy to use spare wheel mounting bracket that allows you mount the spare wheel on your roof rack with the hub toward the slats, giving you extra packing space within the wheel well. This Front Runner Spare Wheel Clamp...
Rigid Armor Drop Down Spare Tire Hitch Carrier for Rav4 (2020-2022)
Custom Engineered in the U.S., the Toyota Rav4 Spare Tire Hitch Carrier is designed to maintain structural strength when hitting the trails or rough terrain. The Stock OEM hitch also flows with any other accessory added to the vehicle, most commonly the...
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